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The difference between air-cooled xenon lamp test chamber and water-cooled xenon lamp test chamber

Air-cooled xenon lamp test chamber and water-cooled xenon test chamber

The product loss caused by aging reached billions of dollars, the aging of materials included fading, lost light, Oxidation, cracking, pink flowers and intensity declines. At present, the aging of the evaluation materials is mainly through 2 methods: outdoor exposure and artificial accelerated aging test. The artificial accelerated aging mainly has an open ultraviolet light and xenon arc lamp. Many customers don't know when choosing aging equipment, I don't know how to choose ultraviolet or xenon lamps. Below Beijing North Liehui is how to choose Xenon lamp aging test equipment.

In 1918, the first rotation drum xenon aging test chamber appeared in the world. It uses 1 carbon arc lamp as a light source, the light source or tube is placed vertically in the center of the instrument, and there is 1 filtering system. Test samples are mounted for the light source and rotate around the center light like a conveyor belt. Sub-World War Since the World War, this test box has also been constantly improving, but its basic design principle has not changed. ZUI is a common test chamber tube cooling system with water cooling, which is called ldquo; rotary drum rDquo; (as shown below).

The advantage of water-cooled xenon arc test chamber: the irradiation is uniform, the sample area is a drum-type sample frame, the equipment is running, the sample frame is surrounded by the lamp

The tube rotates to ensure the uniformity of each angle.

Disadvantages: The water-cooled xenon arc test chamber is only applicable to a sheet-like or can be slice. The cost is relatively high, due to a water-cooled xenon light source of 6.0 kW, there is a lot of heat during the lamp operation, in order to ensure the service life of the lamp, need to reduce the temperature of the lamp with a cold water circulation system device, and The circulatory water must be filtered with pure water to ensure that the lamp does not score during long periods of use.

ldquo; air-cooled rdquo; xenon lamp aging test chamber, also known as ldquo; flat-type rdquo; xenon lamp aging test chamber

ldquo; flat panel rdquo; xenon lamp test chamber It is a xenon test chamber for a new static sample placed in recent years, and one or more air-cooled xenon lamps are mounted at the top of the test chamber. The filter is a flat panel, and is placed at the lower portion of the lamp, and the test sample is mounted on the sample disk below the lamp. The tray slightly slightly tilted small angle to make the water flow, this type of test chamber is called

ldquo; flat-type rdquo. Suitable for any irregular shape test items. As shown below:

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