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Troubleshooting dust test chamber

1. Introduction

[ The dust test chamber is used to detect the shell sealing performance of the product, mainly in accordance with the two levels of IP5X and IP6X. The simulated product is in production, transportation, dust environment encountered during the storage process, thus testing the protective performance of the outer casing.

Second, the cause of the failure

dust test chamber is doing the test, may be due to power failure, operational failure, etc. Causes dust test chamber to run malfunctions, how to deal with test failures without affecting the reliability of test results, and authenticity . The following is a few points about the dust test chamber in the fault treatment method.

Third, fault check and processing
1. Power-on meter

The dust-proof test box is open. It does not light: check whether the power supply is normal, check the phase sequence is normal, whether there is a zero line. Second, no dust

Check if the blower is Normal work or excessive fan is too small, check whether the dust is dry.

Third, no vibration

[ Check if the vibration motor is normal. Fourth, formal operation

dust test chamber There should be special person management operations and regularly cleaning the cabinet and blowers, regularly, professional maintenance.

5, temperature in order to stably The function and performance of the box should be selected from normal temperature of 15 deg; to 25 deg; the relative humidity is less than 85%.

6. Safety distance adjacent wall Or the distance between the utensils.The ambient temperature of the installation site is sharply changed

should be installed in a place where direct sunlightIt should be installed in a well ventilated place, away from flammable, high temperature heat source, equipment should be installed in a place where dust is small, and install as much as possible in places near the power supply.

Seven, the equipment is no electricity

Check the power supplyWhether it is normal, check whether the phase sequence is normal, whether there is a zero line.

Summary: During the use of dust test chamber, it should be equipped with the inspection of the power supply equipment, the temperature and humidity of the environment.Regulate, well-ventilated and non-flammable and explosive matter is surrounded by the product, and do a good job in the daily maintenance and cleaning of the product to reduce the inconvenience caused by the failure of the machine.

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