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Zhongke Circle Trial Brand Sulfur Dioxide Test Chamber Installation Environmental Conditions


Sino-cuocrack equipment installation environmental conditions

Sulfur dioxide test chamber

Installing environmental conditions ◆ For ventilation and operation, Maintenance is convenient, the equipment and adjacent items or walls should have a certain space to facilitate the operation, and there should be no less than 1 to 1.5 meters before and after the front and stations of the box. ◆ It should be installed in a place where direct sunlight is installed.
◆ It should be installed in places away from combustible materials, explosives and high temperature heat.
◆ Installed as much installed in a place near the power supply.
◆ The device is installed separately in a separate room to avoid damage to other equipment that can cause the corrosive gas spill during operation.
◆ Studio must have ventilation facilities
to ventilate the work room at any time.
◆ Studio has 220V power supply and pure water source. ◆ In order to stabilize the performance and function of the device, it should be in a working environment where the temperature is 15 ° C to 28 ° C, relative humidity is not higher than 85%.
◆ The environmental temperature and humidity in the installation site is strictly forbidden.
◆ It should be installed on the horizontal ground.
After the device is installed, the sun does not directly illuminate the surface of the device.
◆ The room needs to ventilate, away from flammable, explosive matter and dust.
◆ Indoor must be convenient for staff to clean tap water and pool.
◆ Indoor must have equipment exhaust gas discharge holes and waste water.
Sulfur Dioxide Test Chamber

Device Power Supply Condition

1, check the power supply equipment (providing the cable diameter of the power supply, the capacity of the power switch), ensures that it satisfies the following conditions: [ (1) frequency and error: 50 plusmn; 0.5Hz (2) Voltage and error: 220 plusmn; 10% v 2. Changes in the supply voltage, do not exceed the voltage + 5% (allowed ZUI large voltage +10 %).
3. There is a ground terminal behind the machine, please ground. The grounding line must be properly constructed, according to the technical guidelines of electrical equipment, the third grounding project, the grounding resistance should be maintained at 10 OMEGA; If you connect the ground wire on the water pipe, the water pipe must be a metal tube. (Not all metal tubes can be effectively grounded)

4, when the cable is connected to the power supply, pay attention to the ground wire (GROUNDED), hot line, neutral. Under normal circumstances, we will leave an identification mark: the ground line PE (black or yellow-green), the fire line L (red), zero line N (blue). Please install the power plug (220V / 24A) it yourself or connect directly to the circuit breaker.

4.3 equipment for equipmentWater and drainage

The role of water supply is to warm the equipment work indoors and humidify, and only 2/300 will be added to the box in the tester, and there is no need to connect the water pipe. The equipment is designed with drains. It is recommended that users provide pure water sources to reduce scale production to ensure humidity of the equipment. If the device is not available for a long time, please use the equipment to dry the equipment and keep the equipment.

QINSUNring trial brand sulfur dioxide test box equipment installation environmental conditions

Equipment air supply and exhaust
◆ air supply: intake in the back of the equipment The mouth, the test chamber air intake is charged with compressed air, and there is air filter two-piece filtration, solenoid valve control, divided into two ways: all the way to the two glass doors, blow away the glass door, it is possible to leak gas When the passage enters the filter chamber for the alkali spray atomization, neutralizing the acid gas. Please make sure the air quality of the environment in which this device is located. Users use their own gas sources to ensure dry and clean. Adjust the pressure of the front air conditioner valve of the gas filtering device at 0.1 MPa.

The intake of the sulfurly corrosion gas and carbon dioxide is out of the gas pressure reducing valve, into the solenoid valve, enter the corrosive gas meter bucket, and the zui enters the box.

◆ Exhaust: there is an exhaust port in the rear of the equipment, and the residual gas is discharged to the residual gas filtration chamber under the action of the intake pressure, first in the alkali and residual gas, and then enter the wire filter chamber After the moisture is filtered, the Zui enters the activated carbon chamber. After the residual gas Zui is adsorbed by activated carbon, it has been weakly alkaline, and the user can discharge the exhaust pipe to outdoor.

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