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Tracking index tester

Tracking index tester

The electric tracking index test is performed on a surface of a solid insulating material by applying a voltage to a platinum electrode of a predetermined size...


The electric tracking index test is performed on a surface of a solid insulating material by applying a voltage to a platinum electrode of a predetermined size (2 mm x 5 mm) and dropping a predetermined volume of conductive liquid (0.1% NH 4 Cl) at a predetermined height (35mm) for 30 seconds, to evaluate the electric leakage resistance performance of the surface of a solid insulating material under the combined influence of an electric field and a wet or contaminated medium.


Tracking index tester rigorously is a professional inspection tester, designed and manufactured based on GB4207, IEC60112 and other standard, to measure the comparative tracking index and proof tracking index in the simulated wet condition, with characteristics of simplicity, accuracy, reliability, practical feature, etc.



Tracking index tester is suitable for the research, production and quality inspection departments in the industry of lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, machine tools, electrical machine, electric tools, electronic instruments, electro technical instruments, information technology equipment, as well as insulating materials , engineering plastics, electrical connectors, accessories industry.



GBT 4207,IEC 60112 (2003),IEC 60745-1,IEC 60335-1,IEC 60598-1,IEC 60884-1


Structure Features

1. The chamber is paint spray procced, elegant and anti-corrosive, size:1200mm X 600mmx 1200mm.

2. All specimen holders are made by stainless steel material.

3. Equipment consists of the voltmeter, ammeter, delay overcurrent relay, power supply, circuit control system, button switch, signal lights and other components.

4. Automatic drip device contains drip tube, drip nozzle, counting device, drip counting device, drip control device, droplet volume measuring tool, etc.

5. Drip nozzle device can adjust; Adjust height 30 to 40 mm, ensure the drip position between the two electrodes .

6. Electrode device contains platinum electrode, electrode fixing device, 4 mm gauge, etc. The electrode is adjustable and detachable.

7. Electrode is 5 mm wide, 2 mm thick, 99.9% purity of platinum, 30 ~ 60 degrees sharp tip.

8. Electrode pressure to the sample can be adjusted. The adjusting range is 1.00 N (+ / - 0.001 N), electrode distance 4.0 mm + / - 0.01 mm, intersection Angle 60 ° + / - 5 ° .

9. Equipped with sample stage

10. Equipped with glass plate: thickness≥4mm

11. Equipped with electrolyte:1 bottle of ammonium chloride and 1 bottle of alkyl naphthalene sulfonic acid sodium reagent.

12. Test voltage: 0 ~ 1000 v adjustable and digital display. Maximum error of voltage meter display value is 1%.

13. Short circuit current: (1 ±0. 1), A voltage drop value less than 10% .

14. Test current over 0.5 A lasting more than 2 seconds, the system automatically shut down the equipment.

15. Safety door control system: when the door is opened, the test system will not work.

16. Electrode: 5 mm x 2 mm rectangle platinum electrode and brass electrode each one pair, in accordance with the size requirements of IEC60112 figure B. 1.

17. The intersection angle between electrodes is 60 °±5 °, spacing of 4±0.1 mm.

18. Electrode pressure to sample is 1. 00N±0.05N.

19. Drip system: (30±5) seconds (drip initiation of 29.8 S + drip time duration of 0.2 S),automatic counting, digital display (preset). Duration of 50 drops is 24.5 min.

20. Drip system: the height of liquid injection nozzle to the surface is 35 mm± 5 mm.

21. Drip system: 2 drops weight: 0.380g to 0.480g, 50 drops weight: 0. 997g ~ 1. 147g.

22. PLC touch screen system makes test more intelligent and more convenient.

23. Test data, automatic recording and storage, are free to retrieve.


Technical Parameters

1、Electrode material:electrode head - platinum (white gold)

2、Electrode pressure:1.0±0.05N。

3、Electrode distance:4.0mm ± 0.01mm ,intersection angel 60°±5。

4、Electrode voltage:100~600V(48~60HZ)adjustable. When short circuit current is in 1.0 + / - 0.1 A , voltage drop is less than 10%.

5、Drip height:30~40mm, adjustable

6、Drip size:44~55 drops/1cm3 , adjustable

7、Drip time:30s±5s。

8、Number of drops:0~9999 drops, adjustable

9、Leakage judgment: when loop current is greater than 0.5A and maintaining for 2 seconds, the relay cuts off the current, indicating sample failed.

10、Test process: test procedures automatic control, independent ventilation.

11、Reference standards:IEC60112 、 GB/T4207、GB4706.1

12、Working room volume:0.1m3(0.5 m3 or 0.75m3 customizable)

13、External dimension:630mm(W)×390mm(D)×750mm(H)



1. In the process of operation, personnel should pay attention to personal protection and avoid electrical leakage or contamination of the eyes and mouth by the solution.

2. Input power AC220 + / -2%.

3. Please do not open the door when the sample is testing. After the test is finished or when the experiment fails to produce a fire smoke, open the fan to remove the smoke and then open the chamber door for the operation

4. The exhaust pipe should be out of the window

5. The power supply is applied to the three-pin socket with ground wire to ensure the reliable grounding.

6. Before the test, it is necessary to confirm whether the equipment is in the metering validity period,or the test is not allowed.

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