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Hot oxygen aging test chamber maintenance points instructions discussion analysis

The length of the life of the thermal oxygen aging test chamber determines their factors in a total of two: One: The technical and components of the manufacturer of the test equipment, the second point is the customer's own decision, then It is maintenance and maintenance of the postpone of the thermal oxygen aging test chamber. Here is the maintenance and maintenance of the thermal oxygen aging test chamber.

First, keep the appearance neat.

Second, do not place items at the top of this machine, and heat dissipate by Limmada and control parts.

Third, the equipment is used for a long time, and the motor blastiness device and other components, if an abnormal noise occurs, check, and pay attention to the refueling.

Fourth, electric components such as temperature

high phenomenon must be examined immediately.

Five, after each use is completed, the test chamber should be cleaned to prevent corrosion.

Sixth, the control cabinet is cleaned once a month to prevent too much dust, affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

After the test is completed, the total power supply should be closed. When you have a failure, please do not remove it to ensure the life of the test chamber.

Polymer materials are usually five categories: plastics, rubber, fibers, coatings, and adhesives, which are five major synthetic materials we said. When they are used outdoors, they are exposed to outdoor environments for a long time, and they are subject to factors such as sunlight, oxygen, rain, and dew. It is easy to fade, brittle, hard, tack, surface cracks, and mechanical properties. The aging of the poor, causing it to lose the original function and use value in advance.

Hot oxygen aging test chamber, please maintained according to the following items:

1, after installing the equipment and adjacent walls or other devices to retain enough repair space;

] 2, the ambient temperature of the installation site is not sharply changed;

3, in the case of non-working conditions, the thermal oxygen aging test box equipment should be kept dry, drain the water after running, dry studio And the box;

4, the equipment is placed in a well-ventilated place (it is recommended to install the air machine, keep the indoor ventilation);

5, the operator is equipped with protective eyepiece and sheath, because UV radiation has a strong harm to personnel (especially eyes), so operators should minimize contact with ultraviolet (contact time should be lt; 1min)

6, the test chamber is stopped for a long time, and the use must be carefully checked again Water source, power supply and components, confirm the ultraviolet aging box after correcting;

7, should not be installed in dust,

8, prohibiting chemicals from touching this equipment (away from combustible materials, explosives);

9, the wastewater discharge system of thermal oxygen aging test box equipment must be installed in place;

10, each timeAfter the test is over, the sample is taken out, the equipment is decanted and clean;

The ultraviolet aging test chamber has failed you can't exclude, please find relevant personnel, do not disassemble it;

11After use, the plastic outer cover is used.(Keep the box appearance neat; avoid dust intrusion).

12. The sensing device in the operation is not hit

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