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Sino-class ring test brand ozone aging test chamber operation instructions

QINSUNCircle Test Brand Ozone Acting Test Chamber Operation Description

About ozone

Ozone, is an oxygen-based homide, its molecular formula O3 At room temperature, there is a colorless gas, there is a special grassy flavor, which has a very strong oxidation capacity, very poor stability, and can be broken down from it at room temperature.
Because ozone has a very strong oxidative property, * is a broad spectrum fungicide. Ozone is referred to as a green environmentally friendly element, because in the process of sterilization, sophisticated, ozone can be restored to oxygen and water, there is no residual and secondary pollution, which is what other chemical element disinfectants cannot be done.
Lightning will convert oxygen in the air to ozone, which is also said that the air is particularly fresh after thunderstorms. The hospital also disinfected with a certain concentration of ozone, so we can often smell the smell of ozone in the hospital. The concentration unit of ozone in the air is PPHM, PPM or Mg / M3, wherein 1 ppm 100 pphm 2.144 mg / m3.
We know that ozone can effectively block ultraviolet rays, but at the same time, high concentration of ozone is harmful to the human body. From the nature of ozone, it helps people will harm. China stipulates that in living environments, the ozone concentration is contaminated when the ozone concentration is more than 0.16 mg / m3; in the working place, the ozone concentration has contaminated when the ozone concentration exceeds 0.2 mg / m3.
2. Ozone aging test chamber Main uses and scope of application

Ozone aging test equipment for testing rubber and its products of ozone aging properties, the ozone is very small in the atmosphere, but it is rubber The main factors of cracks, ozone aging box simulation and strengthen ozone conditions in the atmosphere, study ozone to rubber the role of rubber, rapid identification and evaluation of rubber anti-oxygen aging performance and anti-oxygen protection effects, which in turn take effective anti-aging Measures to improve the life of rubber products.

Equipment execution (satisfaction) related standards:
JIS K 6259 ASTM1149 ISO1431 GB / T7762 GB / T13642

3. Main characteristics of ozone aging test chamber

◆ This ozone aging test equipment selected materials Using China's current advanced processing equipment processing, the surface of the outer casing is sprayed, beautiful, and flat. Color match coordination, smooth lines. The liner is designed to be a closed-free direct illumination, and the space can be placed in the sample to perform an aging test, which can constant control test temperature difference plusmn; 2 ° C, use imported stainless steel plates. An accessories such as sample racks, clamps, and catheters are made of materials that are not easily decomposed, and stainless steel affecting ozone concentrations. The sample holder can rotate 360 degrees and the speed is adjustable.

◆ The rational position of the door is set to observe changes in the indoor samples. Observing window adopts multi-storey hollow tempered glass, with transparent, insulation, not easy to generate steam frosting.point.
◆ The equipment is stirred by a long-axis fan motor, and the stainless steel multi-wing wheel of high and low temperature is high to reach the intensity convection vertical diffusion cycle, so that the temperature in the laboratory is uniform and stable.
◆ The door to the cabinet and the cabinet is used to ensure high-temperature sealing strips of high temperature to ensure the semi-test area. It is easier to operate with no anti-counter doors. Set a test hole in a reasonable position of the left side of the box, which can be used to external testing power cord or signal line, aperture, or a number of arrangements for the number of holes.
◆ High-quality fixed-forming PU activity wheel at the bottom of the machine can be conveniently moved to the position, and the casters are fixed after ZUI.
◆ This device uses touch screen control, easy to operate, intuitive, and reliable.
◆ AI digital smart program control regulator.
◆ Ozone concentration / temperature and humidity set value control PID self-tuning, the operation is convenient and reliable.
◆ Paste the gas purifier, activated carbon absorption and silica tower.
◆ Governor motor drives the sample frame device (satisfying the static method tensile test, the test piece running trajectory satisfies the horizontal trajectory principle).
◆ Optional remote monitoring software (available PC print test data).
◆ Set a regulated power supply inside the test box.
◆ The interface is ready to have a classic chemical test ozone concentration and a measurement verification correction.

4. Ozone aging test chamber installation environmental conditions

◆ For ventilation and operation, maintenance is convenient, equipment and adjacent items or walls should have a certain space for staff to operate, and before and after the box There should be a space that is not less than 1 to 1.5 meters left and right.

◆ It should be installed in a place where direct sunlight is installed.
◆ It should be installed in places away from combustible materials, explosives and high temperature heat.
◆ Installed as much installed in a place near the power supply.
◆ The device is installed separately in a separate room.
◆ Studio has ventilation facilities to ventilate the work room at any time.
◆ Studio has 220V power supply (three-phase four lines) and pure water sources.
◆ In order to stabilize the performance and function of the device, it should be in a working environment where the temperature is 15 ° C to 28 ° C, relative humidity is not higher than 85%.
◆ The environmental temperature and humidity in the installation site is strictly forbidden.
◆ It should be installed on the horizontal ground.
After the device is installed, the sun does not directly illuminate the surface of the device.
◆ The room needs to ventilate, away from flammable, explosive matter and dust.
◆ Indoor must be convenient for staff to clean tap water and pool.
◆ There must be a sewer of the equipment discharge water in the room.
5. Preparation and inspection before the boot
◆ Before power-on equipment operators should carefully read this manual.

◆ Do not operate the device before the device is not installed.

◆ The equipment needs to be used to humidify pure water, full of water tanks.
◆ Confirm equipmentWhether the part of the drain valve is closed, if it is not closed, it will be directly or indirectly affecting the moisture portion.
◆ If it is a standard dumbbell rubber test piece, six pieces are taken in accordance with the regulations, respectively, and the static or dynamic test is determined in accordance with the provisions.
◆ If it is static stretch, manually pull the test piece to the specified length. If it is dynamically stretched, the stretching device needs to be adjusted according to the required stretch distance.
◆ Ensure that the test box door is tight.
◆ The device requires a 220V power supply and the power supply is turned on.
6. Operational Process
The initial screen
The screen displayed when the power is turned on.

After about 5 seconds, it automatically moves to Fig. 3 or Fig. 4 screen.

1. Main screen
can enter other screens through the main screen, click on the ldquo; directory rdquo; and return to the main screen.

1.1 Monitor screen

After the power supply is about 5 seconds or click ldquo in Figure 1, the monitor screen rdquo;, display the input monitor screen:

1 Temperature set value: set the temperature of this experiment;

2 temperature display value: display the actual measurement value of the current temperature;

3 ozone concentration setting Value: Set the ozone concentration of this experiment, click on the set area to set directly;
4 Ozone concentration display value: show the current experiment's ozone concentration;
5 Time Key: Show current time (can Set the current year / month / day / time / minute in the appointment setting, click this button, the LCD screen is turned off immediately, although it does not see the picture, but still runs properly, and open the screen anywhere.

6 Run button: Click to start running.

When clicked

ldquo; running rdquo; the launch confirmation information dialog box will pop up as shown below:

Click ldquo in the above figure; switch rdquo; enter The following interface:

1 Excellence: display temperature, humidity, ozone PID control;
2 remaining time: display the remaining time of the set time;
3 run time : Display the time running when the value is displayed;
4 Runtime: Displays the time running the current program period;
5T-AT: Temperature self-tuning. 6 Keep: Keep and cancel the current set value;

7 hop segment: End the current program segment, jump to the next section;

8 Stop: End the current operation;

2 Operation setting

Click ldquo; operation setting rdquo;, display the operation setting screen

1 Operation mode:Mode is a program or set;

2 Power-off mode: the operation mode after the recovery;

※ Stop: After the power outage, the returning post / fixed value stops;
※ Cold start: After power outage Automatic starting point (* segment) running / fixed value operation;
※ Hot start: After power outage, return to the number of segments from power outages continue to run / set;
3Fuzzy SELECT: Fuzzy selection, start PID automatic Algorithm;
4 Lock: Set whether the button is locked;
5 backlight time: the screen continuously lights up;
6 temperature slope: When the value is running, the rate of temperature rises / decreases;
7 Light slope: When the value is operated, the rate of light rises / decreases.
Click ldquo in the above figure; switch rdquo; enter the following interface:

1 Temperature slope: Set the rate of rising or decline in the unit time;
2 humidity slope: set The rate of moisture rises or decreases in unit time;
3 ozone slope: set the rate of ozone concentration to rise or fall within the unit time;
4 Discovery time: Set the waste time.
3. Appointment setting
Click ldquo in Figure 2; Appointment Setting RDQUO; and enter the appointment setting screen.

1 Date adjustment: Set the current year / month / day / time / minute;
2 Appointment time: set an appointment year / month / day / time /
3 Appointment Setting: Set whether the appointment is set.
4. Set value setting

Click ldquo; set the value setting rdquo; enter the running task setting screen.

Click ldquo; Temperature rdquo; Temperature rdquo; The runtime can be set, as shown below:

1NO .: task number, The task that runs with the above task number jumps to the next task;

2 temperature, dust, vibration can be set independently, select the back background is red, check the settings, click OK to complete the settings;

3 Time (HM): Set the runtime of the task segment corresponding to the set value segment;

4 Cycling number: 0 indicates an infinite loop;

5 exits: Exit the setting menu.
Turning setting
Click ldquo in the above figure; switch rdquo; enter the following interface:

Sets the relevant settings of the continuous working time and periodic work. Switch down to switch to the air supply, stretch the interface.

5. Program setting

Click ldquo; program settings in Figure 2 (enter the program setting screen.

1 Program Edit: Enter the programEdit screen.

2 cycles: enter the program and the program segment cycle setting screen.

3 Archive Management: Enter the copy and delete screen of the setup or program segment;
Experimental Title: Enter the screen of the settings of the experiment.
5.1 Program Editing
In the interface of Fig. 17, click program editing into the following program editing interface:

1 Program number: set the program group to set (1 ~ 120)

2 segment: If you want to insert or delete the program, click on the corresponding program segment number to insert and delete;

3 temperature: set the temperature of the program to run;
4 Humidity: Setting The humidity of the running program segment;
5 ozone: set the ozone concentration of the program to run;
6 turntable, air, stretching: set the turntable, air, stretching open mode;

7 Time: Set the time of continuous operation;

8 Insert: Select the program section number to insert (copy) the program segment;

⑨ Delete: Select the program segment number to delete the program segment.

※ Example: How to set time:
1 hour rar; 1.00; 30 minutes rar; 0.30;
1 minute rar; 0.01; Close Rarr; -0.01.
TS1, TS2, TS3, TS4: Set whether TS1, TS2, TS3, TS4 are active.
Previous: Page 4 segments.
Example: Section 97 ~ Segment 99 Rarr; Tour Rarr; Section 92 ~ Segment 96 Rarr; Segment 88 ~ Segment 92 Hellip; Hellip; Rarr; Segment 1 to Section 4.
Next: The page 4 segments of the page.
Example: Segment 1 ~ Section 4 Rarr; Top Rarr; Section 5 ~ Section 8 Rarr; Segment 9 ~ Section 12 Hellip; Hellip; RarR; Segment 97 to Section 99.

5.2 Circulation

Click ldquo in Figure 17; cycle rdquo; appears as follows:

1 Program number: Set the program number (1 to 120) of the required loop;
2 All loops: Set the number of all cycles (0 ~ 999);
Note: When set to 0, it means an unlimited loop.
3 Connection: The program can be connected to another set of clauses (0 ~ 99);
4 Start: Set the program segment (0 ~ 99) that starts the partial cycle operation;
5 End: Set The program segment (0 ~ 99) ended by the partial cycle operation;
6 times: Set the cycle of the partial cycleNumber of rings (0 ~ 99);
Note: When set to 0, it means not recycling.
5.3 Archives
Click ldquo in Figure 17; file management rdquo; enter the following screen:

1 Source number: Copy of the program group, copy from the original program group Go to the target program group;
2 Target number: Enter the target program group name;
3 copy execution: After all settings are good, please confirm the implementation key;
4 program group delete: setting one The program group is deleted;

5 Execute results: success / fail.

5.4 Communication

Click ldquo in Figure 17; Enter the following screen:

5.5 Standby
Click ldquo in Figure 17; standby rdquo; enter standby Set the screen.

1 Standby setting: set the start or release of the standby action;
2 standby range: set the temperature, humidity, ozone concentration of the standby action;
★ Standby action start condition (ldquo; or rdquo; Condition):
Rarr; has been set in the segment time, from temperature, humidity, and ozone concentration, there is no entered the standby action setting range.

★ Standby action release conditions (ldquo; and rar; condition):

rarr; temperature and humidity enter the standby action setting range;

3 Standby time: Set temperature, humidity or ozone concentration display value (Temperature PV, Humidity PV, Ozone Concentration PV) Does Standby Time when the standby action range is not set, and if the standby time (initial value) is not set, the standby time is an infinite value.

, for example, set SP 90 ° C, temperature waiting area 5 ° C, the waiting area is 85 ° C ~ 95 ° C, waiting time 1 h; if the PV arrives before the waiting time ends before the waiting time Region, the next paragraph; if the PV has not arrived before the wait time is not reached, it will continue to wait until the waiting time ends or reaches the waiting area to perform the next paragraph, it will meet the waiting area and wait time two conditions.
5.6 Experimental Title

Click ldquo in the interface of Figure 17; Experimental Title Rdquo; Enter the following experiment name editing interface:

※ Note: You can set the test name, the method of use is as follows : Click to set the framework behind the program group, appear the following screen;

1TOG: To switch input: input method switching and transform input;
2 larr; word-word deletion;
3ESC: Exit input;
4CLR: Clear input;
5ENT: confirmationenter.
7. Screen setting

Click ldquo; screen settings rdquo; enter the screen setting screen.

TUNING Key: Show and Hide ldquo; T-AT RDQUO;
2. Brightness Adjustment: The shading of the display screen display;
3. Lighting switch: set lighting Enable or not.

Stopping device running operation
◆ If the control program has not run end, click the button, stop the running of the device, if the test temperature is much lower than or much higher than the ambient temperature, the test chamber should be The temperature rises to the temperature close to the environment and then stops, and then open the door.

After the test sample was withdrawn, if it was found that the working chamber temperature was low, the device should be started, so that the temperature in the test chamber was constant at 50 to 60 ° C for 30 minutes, and the gate was opened to let the wet air discharged.

◆ The device should be directly closed to shut down the touch screen switch to stop the device.

◆ Test equipment for a long time:

1 drainage: Open all drainage valves, exhaust all water
2 drying treatment: Make the test chamber at a temperature of 60 ° C, humidity 0% RH temperature 1 The interior of the hour drying test chamber.
3 Turn off the equipment total power supply air circuit breaker, and disconnect the external power supply to the test chamber.

Test operation steps
1, check whether ozone detection probes are securely installed in the middle side wall of the casing, there is no connection to the signal line, and then put the test sample into the ozone aging test chamber. And firmly fixed;
2, check the gauze of the humidity sensor is completely covered with the sensor, the gauze is sucking moisture; turn off the door, the water tank at the bottom right side of the equipment is filled with pure water (looking behind Level).

3, turn on the power supply, and the circuit breaker is connected, and the working state is entered. Press the power button, at which point the system power is turned on, set the temperature, humidity, concentration value, press the operation button, and the device will start according to the instruction;

4, press the ozone button to start producing ozone; press the turntable button, this When the turntable begins to rotate, the speed can be adjusted on the governor; press the stretch button, at this time, the turntable stretch begins;
5, open the lighting switch can clearly see the working situation in the test;
6 When the sample needs to do a dynamic tensile test, first adjust the distance and tensile frequency of the dynamic turntable according to the size of the sample, open the stretch switch, the sample holder begins to stretch, open the turntable switch, and the sample holder starts to rotate;
7 At the end of the test, do not immediately turn off the equipment power, you can close the ozone first, wait 30 to 60 minutes to make the equipment in the indoor ozone, then close the touch screen power supply, the equipment total power circuit breaker, then take out the test sample;

8, Equipment cleaning.

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