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النشرة الإخبارية rapid alternating high and low temperature damp heat box

Quickly changing high and low temperature humid heat chamber is designed to adjust the high and low temperature through the controller to speed up its temperature rise and fall, to achieve regular temperature cycle stress screening tests for industry carry out products. Stress screening itself is more of a process in the manufacturing process than a reliability test, so stress screening is a 100 product pair procedure.


The studio material is SUS304 stainless steel - strong corrosion resistance, cold and heat fatigue and long service life.

High strength, high reliability machine structure design - to ensure the high reliability of the test chamber.

High Density Polyurethane Foam Insulation - Ensures minimal heat loss.

Surface spray treatment – ​​to ensure the long-lasting anti-corrosion function and appearance of the equipment.

HighSolid and temperature-resistant silicone rubber sealing tape - ensures the high sealing performance of the appliance door.

Large-area electric heating anti-frost observation window, built-in lighting - can provide a good observation effect.

Eco-friendly refrigerant - to ensure the equipment better meets your environmental requirements.

A variety of optional functions (test hole, recorder, water purification system, etc.) ensure users' needs for various functions and tests.

Size of Rapid Aging Box Studio (width * height * depth) (mm) optional: 500*600*500, 500*750*600, 600*850*800, 1000*1000*800, 1000 * 1000 * 1000; other non-standard sizes can be customized.

Quick change damp heat box high and low temperature specification parameters:

The temperature range of quick change warming box can be selected: -70℃~+150℃, -60 ℃~+150℃, -40℃~+150℃, -20℃~+150℃, 0℃~+150℃; You can choose the temperature range that suits your products. The heating and cooling rate can also be customized according to

customer requirements.

Humidity range: 20% ~ 98%; For relative humidity and relative humidity adjustable range, refer to the temperature and humidity range table, and there are detailed references in the seller's quotation plan.

Heating and heating rate: Each index in the middle of 1℃~15℃/min can be adjusted according to customer needs, and the linearity and non-linearity can be determined.

Temperature variation: ±0.5°C conforming to standards, industry standards, etc.

Temperature variation: ±2°C conforming to national standards, industry standards, etc.

Structure material: Inner box: stainless steel SUS 304#, outer box: baking varnish made of sheet steel, isoling layer: PU foam + ultra-fine glass wool.

Refrigeration system: water-cooled original fully/semi-hermetic compressor unit, cooler fin evaporator.

Heating system: stainless steel lamellar heating pipe, heating air.

Protection device: overload protection, compressor overheating, overcurrent, overpressure, dry burning, overtemperature alarm system inside the box.

Standard configuration: vacuum double-layer observation window, window light, test hole Φ50*1, 2 sets of sample racks, over-temperature protection.

Power (KW): Depends on heating and cooling rate and volume.

Optional parts: built-in glass door and service opening, temperature and humidity recorder, (others) can be customized according to customer needs.

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