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About dust test chamber product characteristics

Dust test chamber Used to simulate a test environment with flood dust removal, exposes test products to a dust care environment to perform IP5X, IP6X and other related shell protection level standards, to test the test product itself seal Performance and dust resistance. The equipment applies to assessing the use, storage and transportation of electrician electronic products, instrumentation, vehicle components, aerospace seals, military equipment, etc. in dust environments.

The dust test chamber is suitable for detecting the shell sealing performance of the product, mainly for two levels of IP5X and IP6X specified in the housing protection level. It is mainly to simulate the destruction caused by sandstorm weather on locks, automobile and motorcycle parts, seals, power meters and other products. Adding some protective nets or increase dust measures by experimenting in the installation and application of general equipment, and improve the resistance and protection of the dust to the dust. The device can effectively help users evaluate the dust capability of the sample, resist the ability to block the impact of the opening, penetrate the dust, gap, bearing, and the dust, can also affect the wear effect of the edge sharp large sand grain or obstruction Reduce performance, performance, reliability and maintenance. The dust test chamber is suitable for a variety of automotive parts to do dust and dust-resistant tests, and the test parts include a lamp, instrument, electrical dust cover, steering system, door lock, etc.

The brine spray test chamber uses a salt-containing solution or an acid-containing salt solution to accelerate corrosion, reproduce materials or products in a certain temperature and relative humidity environment. The degree of damage suffered within a certain period of time.

Dust test chamber is widely used in metal material protection, mechanical components, electronic components, automotive parts, industrial products, coating, etc. to accelerate salt spray corrosion test, assessment material protective layer and product resistance Performance of salt fog corrosion.

Dust test chamber characteristics:

1, the inside and outside housing uses imported PP hard Made of plastic plate, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, and gorgeous surface. 2, the lid adopts a hard-transparent PP hard plastic plate, and it is always visually viewed in the case of the sample.

3. Configure a crystalline glass nozzle.

4, spray time: gap / continuous adjustment.

5, high-precision digital temperature control instrument, import execution components, studio equipped with temperature and humidity mercury thermometer.

6, multiple safety protection devices: water shortage / over temperature / phase loss.

Daily maintenance skills

1, the air compressor should be added to the air compressor, and it is recommended to use the air compressor power to 0.1 / 10.

2, after each test, the oil-water separator switch should be opened, and the oil is given the water.

3, if you have not been tested for a long time, you should open the satuid to place the water; normal use, you should regularly replace the water in the satuid.

4, the air conditioning valve function should be checked regularly.

5. After the long-term use of reoprys, the test should be checked first.

6, after the test, the box should be cleaned, try to make the test chamber in a dry environment.

7, the electrical components on the control panel, such as the failure needs to be changed, should be carried out under the guidance of the manufacturer to avoid unnecessary trouble.

8, the nozzle dirt occurs, the detachable nozzle is cleaned with alcohol, xylene or 1: 1 hydrochloric acid, or use ultrafine steel wire, but pay attention to prevent damage to the inner cavity The surface finish affects the spray efficiency.

9, during the test, for more than 1 month, replace the water in the heated water.

10. The salt liquid for dust test chamber is not used for more than one week, so please do not use to avoid the test.

11, if the next test time is longer, please clean the inside of the laboratory after this test, and discharge the water in the water tank.

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