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How to improve the quality of dust test chamber?How to troubleshoot troubleshooting?

dust test chamber The industry is relatively wide, temperature impact test chamber In high temperature test, if the temperature change does not meet the test temperature value, it can check the electrical system to troubleshoot. How to improve the quality of dust test chamber?

If the temperature rises very slow, it is necessary to see the wind circulation system. Look at the adjustment bezel of the wind cycle to open the normal, but in turn, check whether the temperature impact test chamber motor is operating normally .

dust test chamber to regularly maintain maintenance, refrigeration system condenser It is necessary to clean up regularly. For the active parts, please refill it according to the instructions, the electrical control system should be regularly maintained. You can set the sound alarm or terminate the test process through the timer, and the controller will continue to display the current test conditions and test processes. Temperature impact test chamber can operate, and test conditions, including time, temperature, can be set by interface-friendly built-in microprocessors. Dust test chamber due to long-term driving of the car in various environments, high temperature, low temperature temperature changes, gravel, sediment impact can damage the organic coating of the protective metal. Temperature impact test chamber can cause corrosion of the car.

The dust test chamber is used to test the ability of the ambient temperature temperature change and the ability to work during ambient temperature changes, and the test chamber is a high temperature box, below The low temperature box, the latter is the test box, the dust test chamber is made of stainless steel quality control, the liner uses the mirror stainless steel, and the whole machine is clean and durable. It is easy to maintain. The dust test chamber can be improved in all aspects.

dust test chamber maintenance and maintenance method

1, the cold and hot impact test chamber freezing system is the core of the test chamber, must be patrol each year Check if all copper tubes have leakage snow, each of the joints and welding ports, if there is oil stains, please deal with it.

2, when the test is closed or taken from the furnace, it is not allowed to contact the body with the glue side of the door, which is destroyed and shortened by the anti-rubber edge.

3, the ground around the body should be kept cleaned at any time to avoid accidents and reduce performance in a large amount of dust inhalation units.

4, the radiator of the refrigerator (

condenser) should be maintained in regular, maintain a clean, dust-clad condenser to make the compressor high voltage switch to create a false alarm The cold and hot impact test box condenser should regularly maintenance, dust test chamber uses a vacuum cleaner to use the vacuum cleaners to remove or boot after booting, using a hard hair brush or use high pressureThe air is blown and dusty.

5, the large current contact with the distribution plate, the distribution room is at least once a year, the looseness of the contact makes the entire equipment in a dangerous work state, lightly burning the assembly, and heavyFire, alarm, personal injury is very dangerous.When cleaning, the cleaning is removed by the vacuum cleaner.

6, two supernatal protector in the dust test chamber set values do not need to be debugged, and the factory has been adjusted, this protection switch is to protect the heating tube and humidification tube.The use of air burning and lack of water, the hot and hot impact test chamber set points temperature set point + 20 ° C ~ 30 ° C.

7, the inspection and maintenance of the waterway, the water pipe of the waterway is easy to block the device, please check the phenomenon without leakage.

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