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How to solve the noise of high and low temperature test chamber

I know that when high and low temperature test chamber can be used for a long time, it may cause noise due to aging, if noise is too much, it may affect the normal work of the worker, so we must first judge what factor Resulting in a high and low temperature test chamber to issue noise, thereby attenuating noise depending on the circumstances.

If the noise of the high and low temperature test chamber is, it is necessary to pay special attention to the three aspects:

, is to reduce Whether the shock spring is deformed, if the deformation affects the stability of the regulator, thereby emitting noise.

Second, the degree of wear of the needle valve, whether it is conceivable to see if the cone surface and the seat can be adhered, if it is not possible to result in the instability of the pilot flow, resulting in pressure fluctuations to generate noise .

Third, check whether the air is mixed in the oil, forming a pitch phenomenon to issue noise. If the component is changed

, wear, then only need to be described, the wear member is replaced, if it is mixed into air, it needs timely excluding and pay attention to the sealing air re-entry.

High and low temperature test chamber

Of course, in addition to these factors, it may be possible because the sheet metal design is unreasonable, and the process used in the manufacturing equipment is poor. , In addition to the overall process, it is particularly prone to vibration, thereby generating noise, and the longer the use time, the greater the noise. Therefore, everyone needs to pay attention to the material and processing technology used by the manufacturer when choosing a high and low temperature test chamber.

When high and low temperature test chamber can be used to check if the box seal is locked, the refrigeration system copper tube fixing piece is loose, and the screws are inspected. Whether it is tightened, then adjust it properly, you can use the honeycomb sound absorbing cotton on the inside of the equipment, noise reduction processing of the equipment!

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