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Beijing QINSUN Current Pharmaceutical Stability Test Chamber How to use:

<?xml:namespace prefix = o /> [ 1 . Working environment:

A. Temperature 15 ° C 35

° C. B. Relative humidity: no greater than 85% . C. 220


Volve voltage, frequency 50Hz plusmn 1 Hz . D. The surrounding no magnetic field, strong vibration, and flammable corrosion gas exists, and it is well ventilated.

E. It is not suitable for open or sunshine. 2 . After the box was not damaged: A. Four foot should be flat and keep the horizontal.


The device and the spacing of the surrounding object or wall: before ≥ 900mm , left and right and top, ≥ 500mm .


Check if the power outlet meets the requirements (the power plug of the voltage device) is again inserted into the power plug. d. On the right side of the drug stability test box (using the stent pad high), place the fitting in the upper side of the overflowing in the back of the back, drainage.

3 . Place the water tank (spare parts) on the right side of the box, add a water plastic tube to connect the water tank, and the other is slightly inserted into the right side of the box on the right side of the box. Here, the quick-connect connection is used. When removing, the blue wafer at the plus water should be tightened to the casing, and the water pipe can be opened. 4 . Open the water tank cover, add the pump, add pure water. High and low water level: Zui low-incisorned pump, Zui high does not exceed the rubber ring at the junction of the tank.

a. To ensure the sensitivity of the water cup float inside, be sure to add pure water or distilled water. B. Zui high water level water level can ensure that the equipment is running no less than

24h ].

5 . Put the water pump power supply into the pumping pump power interface socket 6. 6. Controller

This device has an independent temperature-limited alarm system. When the actual temperature of the device exceeds the limit temperature, the heating system of the drug stability test chamber is automatically interrupted, ensuring the safety of the experiment, does not accident. When the temperature is naturally declining, when the limit temperature is limited, heating in the box is recovered, which is repeated. When this happens, it indicates that the device is faulty, and the cause of the failure should be found, and then restore normal work.

General limited temperature setting is a high temperature limit by control panel Decision dial implementation, generally larger than the tank temperature value or more (eg, set temperature in the box


° C ], Limited temperature setting ZUI is ° C + ° C )

7. Light system

[ The device is an insert light system , material is a mirror stainless steel


Beautiful side .

The left side of the electric control cabinet hasLight switch

, Open , to turn off according to actual needs . can give a change in intensity . ( placing the test sample in the center of the boxWhen two tube light intensity


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