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Introduction and production characteristics of Beijing boxed rain test chamber

Introduction and production characteristics of Beijing box-type rain test chamber

Natural rain water damage to products and materials, causing economic losses that are difficult to estimate each year. The damage caused mainly includes corrosion, fading, deformation, strength, expansion, mold, etc. Therefore, the shell protection water test for specific products or materials is a key program of *.
Boxed rain test chamber is a standard device, and it is necessary to install the product to operate the product in the special laboratory. The water and waterproof facilities in the laboratory must be installed in place. The equipment can be used to assess and determine the electrical, electronic products, various electrical appliances, and the outer casing and seals of various lighting fixtures and the seal after the water test or during the test can ensure good workability of equipment and components. The equipment can completely simulate the external rainwater environment, fully reproduce the effects of the external rainwater environment on the product.
The equipment is artificially simulated from the rain, which does not include heavy wind speed rain, and does not consider the temperature difference caused by the temperature difference of the test sample and the temperature difference of the rainwater temperature.

The box-type rain test chamber can provide corresponding environmental simulation and acceleration tests for scientific research, product development and quality control.

Boxed rain test chamber meets GB 2423.38-2005 Basic environmental test procedures for electrical electronics productstest R: water test method , strictly pressing the ip rating GB 4208 Mdash; 2008, GB / T4942 mdash; 93, GB 4706, GB 7000 and other technical parameters design and manufacture of technical parameters of other relevant standards. Water tests specified in the corresponding standard can be performed.

Boxed rain test chamber structure design introduction 1. This set of rain test equipment is used to form a stainless steel material. The equipment is composed of a tube, a tube bracket, a tube transmission mechanism, a working rotating stage, an electrical control portion. Among them, the tube bracket is made of SUS304 stainless steel hair mask. Do not sway when the tube is swung. The rotating stage sample rack, flange, nozzle and other accessories of the equipment are made of stainless steel materials.
2. This equipment is designed to install a set of diameter 400 ㎜ and a set of 500mm in diameter, which can be made to plusmn; 60 degrees - 180 degrees (theoretical value, actually remove the diameter of the turntable), two sets respectively It can be replaced according to the size of the sample, the tube and the stent are used to connect, installation and disassembly is very convenient. The tube is bent by the industrial stainless steel tube of the inner diameter OSLASH; 16MMSUS304, it can be used to swing, and the water controls the control sample on the nozzle on the tube at the same time will be discharged from the nozzle on the tube. The transmission of the tube swing is reasonable, precise, and easy to maintain. The spray hole has a total of R400 - 25, when doing IPX3Retain 16, and seal 9 with a rapid hand with a quick hand.
3. The tube swing is completed by the advanced stepper motor, the rotational frequency and angle and the rotational speed of the turntable are automatically controlled by the programmable liquid crystal controller. When the screen sets the tube boom and the tube angle, it is turned on. The set value is running, and it is simple to operate
. The sample rack turntable is rotated in a horizontal direction. The entire equipment is reasonably designed and durable. Equipment is more practical and easy to control based on the performance of all aspects, in accordance with national standards. 4. The equipment is equipped with a sufficient test of a reservoir to supply tube water injection, water circulation, and water tanks are produced by PVC plastic sheet, and the water tank is made of PVC plastic sheet. The water tank is placed to prevent dust from entering. The water absorbing motor into the water pressure in the water tank, by adjusting the pressure relief water valve, maintains a predetermined flow and pressure from the nozzle of the tube. The test water can be used to use cycle, equipped with pressure gauges and flow meters. The open tube is required to consider drainage, so that the test is rapidly emissively emissions, with no accumulation.
5. Equipped with pressure absorbent pumps and flow meters, vent valves, pressure gauges, water filters, etc.
6. Equipped with a set of 4 sets of power supply systems, the sample can be energized during the test.
7. The sample rack turntable adopts a manual lifting device, and the design load is 20 kg (determined by the customer), and can rotate in the horizontal direction, the rotational speed 1 mdash; 4 rotation, controlled by the PLC program, the governor controls the speed. The entire equipment is reasonably designed and durable. Equipment is more practical and easy to control based on the performance of all aspects, in accordance with national standards. The turntable specifically designed a power-on device, the customer can test in a state of power-on, a total of six sets of power terminals, 0 mdash; 60V DC voltage adjustable, can pass the Zui large current of 30A.

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