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Ultraviolet aging test chamber test method



1.1.1 The structure of the test chamber is resistant Corrosive metallic materials, including 8 fluorescent ultraviolet lamps, water discs, test sample racks and temperature, time control systems and indicators (see Figure 1).


. 1.2 Fluorescence UV lamp should be started quickly, the tube power is 40W, the length of the tube is 1220 ㎜, the range of uniform working regions of the test chamber is 900 Times 210 ㎜ (see Figure 2). 1

. 1.3 Unless otherwise specified, the wavelength of the fluorescent ultraviolet lamp is 280 to 315 nm, that is, the UV-B wavelength range, the characteristics of relative spectroscopic expiration (see Figure 3). 1.1.4

The lamp is installed into four rows, divided into two rows Installation, the lamp of each row of lamp is parallel to the center distance of 70 ㎜ (see Figure 1).

Test sample should be fixedly mounted in ZUI near the lamp surface 50 ㎜ Location (see Figure 1). The test sample and its bracket constitute the inner wall of the box, and their back should be exposed in the cooling air of room temperature, due to the temperature difference of the air in the tank, so that the condensed stage of the test sample surface produces a stable exposure condition, the test chamber should Channels of the underclothes outer wall and test samples produce natural air convection.

The water vapor produces a water discharge plate in the bottom of the heating box, and the water depth is not more than 25 ㎜, And there is a water controller, and the water disc should be regularly cleaned to prevent scale. 1.1.7 The temperature of the test chamber is fixed in width 75 ㎜, high 100 ㎜, thick 2 .5 ㎜ Black aluminum plate (hereinafter referred to as blackboard) The sensor is measured, the blackboard should be placed in the central area of the exposed test, the temperature meter ranges from 30 to 80 ° C, toleranceFor 1 ° C, the control entertainment of the light and condensation phase is carried out separately, and the condensation stage is controlled by the heating water temperature.

1.1.8 The test chamber should be placed in a test chamber having a temperature of 15 to 35 ° C, and the wall is 300㎜, and should prevent other heat sources from being affected in the test room to maintain strong circulation, so as not to affect light and condensation conditions.

xenon artificial climate test

The light source wavelength range of the xenon lamp is from below 270 nm until the infrared zone, the xenon lamp is to be filtered and effectively cooled, and filter out shorter wavelength rays. And more infrared rays, until the spectra of the surface of the test sample is similar to the sun spectrum reaching the ground. 1 . 2.2 The test chamber has a rotating bracket, temperature, humidity, water spray time, and xenon lamp of the sample rotation. It should be , and there is a dry and wet ball temperature automatic recording apparatus. Dry, the wet ball temperature should be placed in the light. The power supply regulator is equipped with an exterior of the box as needed.

In order to reduce xenon lamp cooling water pollution lamp and filter cover, cooling water is made of distilled water or deionized water, cooling water is made of water resistant material, such as stainless steel , Plastics, etc., should be avoided using aluminum, copper, iron and bronze. 1.2.3 The sample frame should be made of an inert material, such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel or wood. Materials, neighboring samples avoid bronze, copper and iron components.

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