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UV constant temperature and humidity aging test chamber

Ultraviolet constant temperature and humidity aging test chamber

UV (UV) and sunshine simulation despite UV light (UV) only accounts for 5% of the sun, it is caused outdoor products The main illuminance of durability declines. Thisbecause the photochemical reaction of the sun increases as the wavelength is reduced. Therefore, in the influence of the simulated sunlight to the damage of the physical properties of the material, it is not necessary to reproduce the entire sun spectrum. In most cases, only the UV light of the simulated short wave is needed. The reason why UV tube with ultraviolet accelerated weather testing machine is that they are more stable than other lamps, and better reproduction test results. The effect of fluorescent UV lamp simulates the nature of the nature , such as the brightness, cracking, peeling, etc., is a method. There are several different UV lamps to choose from. Most of these UV lamps mainly produce ultraviolet light instead of visible light and infrared light. The main differences of lamps are embodied in their difference in the total UV energy generated within their respective wavelengths. Different lights will produce different test results. The actual exposure application environment can prompt which type of UV lamp should be used.

UV constant temperature aging test chamber adopts a fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as a light source, by simulating ultraviolet radiation in natural sunlight, the material is accelerated to weather resistance test to obtain a result of material weather resistance. In order to obtain accurate experimental data, the test box technician, please read the following precautions carefully, and strictly operate according to the specified operation. Note:

1. During the operation of the equipment, the ultraviolet aging test chamber must maintain a sufficient water source.

2, the test phase should minimize the time of opening the door.

3, the sensing device in the workplace should not be strongly hit.

4, non-full-time operators, do not operate the test chamber at will.

5, the ultraviolet constant temperature aging test chamber appears to troubleshoot the fault, please cooperate with QINSUNTen Test Instrument Co., Ltd.

6, after the long time is stopped, if you need to use it again, you must carefully check the water source, power supplies, and components, and then start the test chamber after the error is determined.

7. Because UV radiation has a strong harm to personnel (especially the eyes), the operator should minimize the contact ultraviolet (the contact time should be less than one minute). It is recommended that the operator uses an ultraviolet constant temperature aging test chamber to fit the protective eyewear and sheath.

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