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How to make more efficient use of the maintenance of ozone aging test chambers?

I believe you have more questions about ozone aging test chamber ! Currently, many industries need this device. When using this device, not only pay attention to the method of operation, but also pay attention to how to maintain, how to store devices after experiments, avoid any trouble caused by personnel. In order to let us not worry about the security of the person, today Xiaobian takes us to learn how to use the ozone aging test chamber to protect the job.

We must have a certain understanding of the equipment before using

ozone aging test chamber . Only by understanding the structure and principles of the device can avoid some emergencies when using the device. Even if there is any situation, it can face and process well.

In the use of this device, check the power problem, which is to avoid the phenomenon of short circuit or overload; simultaneously do the basic issues of high temperature conservation and water shortage. Other use of equipment to open maintenance measures, which is to make it possible to timely alarm in time when the device occurs.

Ozone aging test chamber is one of the ozone aging test equipment. The xenon lamp is used as a light source. Through the simulation of the weathering of solar radiation, rainfall, and dew, the material is accelerated, and the weathering results are obtained. By repeating these conditions, merge them into a loop and let it automate the number of complete loops. It is a long period of time to simulate the outdoor product material. See if the product is faded, it becomes smooth, the gloss decreases, the changes in the change, crack, embrittlement, and strength, it can also reproduce rain and dew The destructive sex is at the same time. It is necessary to need a few days or a few weeks.

The service life of the ozone aging test chamber determines that their factors have two points: one: Test equipment manufacturer's

technology and used parts, the second point is The customer's own decision, that is,

Ozone aging test chamber

. Maintenance and maintenance. Here is the maintenance and maintenance of ozone aging test chamber . 1, always keep the appearance neat.

2, do not place any items at the top of the machine to avoid heat dissipation of the motor and control components.

3, after the equipment is used for a long time, such as an abnormal noise such as a motor blower and other components, it should be checked, cleans and refuel.

4, if the temperature of the electrical element is too high, the reason must be checked immediately.

5, after each use, the test room should be cleaned to prevent corrosion.


6, the control cabinet is cleaned once a month to prevent excessive effects of dust from affecting the equipment.


After the ozone aging test chamber

After the test, the main power source is turned off, wiping the water stains in the working chamber, and the test is allowed to dry.

8. If there is a failure of the electrical components on the control panel, please do not disassemble to ensure the life of the test box.

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