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Low humidity constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Low humidity constant temperature and humidity test chamber is used to determine the temperature and humidity changing climate of electronic products, electrical products, optoelectronic products, security products, etc. other industrial products storage adaptability test , transport and use under environmental conditions. The severity of the test depends on temperature, humidity, and exposure duration or cycle.

Low humidity constant temperature and humidity test chamber specification parameters:

Optional models: LQ-TH-80/100/150/225/408/800/1000 (ABCD).

Inner box size optional (mm) Width*Height*Depth W*H*D: 400×500×400 mm/500×500×400 mm/500×600× 500mm/600×850×800mm/1000×1000×800mm//1000×1000×1000mm.

The TeTemperature range is optional: A: 0℃~150℃/B: -20℃~150℃/ C: -40℃~150℃/; D: -70℃~150℃/(can be adjusted arbitrarily).

Humidity range: 20% ~ 98% RH (industry standard type).

Heating and heating rate:

RT<----->150℃ for about 35 minutes (non-linear, no load, approximately 3.0 °C/min).

RT<----->-20℃ for about 45 minutes (non-linear idle speed, about 1.0℃/min).

Analysis Accuracy: 0.01℃.

Control Accuracy: ≤±0.5℃.

Uniformity: ≦2.0℃.

Power supply: AC1¢3W 220V 50/60HZ or AC3¢5W380V 50/60HZ, the power current depends on the model specification.

LQ-TH Series Temperature and Humidity Cycle Test Chamber The temperature and humidity cycle test machine is miniatureequipment manufactured by Dongguan Qinsun Testing Instrument Co.,Ltd The following characteristics: Compared with the general temperature and humidity cycle test box, the function and stability are even better, the appearance is small and exquisite, the inner box is as large as the test box with the same Volume, powerful function, small footprint, exquisite and beautiful workmanship, office And the ordinary laboratory door can enter. In recent years, the temperature and humidity cycle test chamber manufactured by QINSUN has been well loved by new and old customers, especially reliability test equipment for R&D departments of some industrial companies and quality inspection.

QINSUN Temperature and Humidity Cycle Test Chamber | Temperature and humidity cycle test machine over-temperature, cooling system overload, over-current, over-heat, over-pressure, leakage, water shortage, operating instructions and alarm device,Heating and humidifying air combustion, automatic shutdown after fault alarm and other protections. Standard configuration: a cable hole (on the left), a hole plug and a cover, two sets of stainless steel sample holders (height adjustable), mobile casters, flat water foot cup, wet ball gauze, humidifying water tank, outlet tube, communication CD, communication interface device, quality assurance card, instruction manual, packing list .

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