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Sino-Science ring trials how to distinguish high temperature test chamber and blast drying box

QINSUNring trials how to distinguish between high temperature test chambers and blast drying box

High temperature test chamber and blast drying box manufacturing It is very different. On the surface, there are no differences in both. The actual difficulties are that when air is heated to 250 , the movement of the gas becomes very difficult to control, even under the conditions of forced blast, gas The flow is still disordered, so the design requirements of the air stop are very high. Dimensions of different studios should vary. In order to achieve reasonable data, it is sometimes necessary to pass repeated experiments. In order to obtain a higher uniformity indicator, the cost of the manufacturing test chamber is much larger than the drying box.

The high temperature test chamber is different from the use of the blast drying tank. The drying box is mainly used for dryness of the item. The high temperature test chamber is mainly used for the high temperature performance test of electrical, electronics and other non-flammable and explosive items in addition to the function of the drying box.

The high temperature test chamber is different from the main technical indicators of the blast drying box. The temperature uniformity of the drying box is not more than ZUI high use temperature

2.5%, The temperature uniformity of the test chamber is not more than 2 ° C (the test temperature is 200 ] At ° C). Although it is just a difference in a positive and negative, it is doubled. In the case of 450 ° C, the temperature of any two points in the drying case may differ from 22.5 ° C, and the test chamber cannot exceed 9 ° C. High temperature test chamber and the blast drying box control system are different

Drying boxes can be used in common meters because of the low indicator. The test box must use a meter with high precision

PID , sometimes it is necessary to operate the program for the need for the trial. In use, the PID value of the high temperature segment can be obtained by self-tuning, and sometimes the value obtained from the self-setting value requires a certain modification. I hope that these knowledge can help you choose the device, please refer to the Technical Engineering Department of QINSUN Test Instrument Co., Ltd.

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