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UV ultraviolet light aging test chamber sample and performance assessment

UV ultraviolet light aging test chamber Uses:

UV UV aging test chamber

Suitable for fluorescent ultrafielders in the exposure method of various material laboratory light sources The lamp method is mainly to the material Outdoor variation and the new material improvement formulation and durability test of the product.


Aging test chamber Test conditions: 1, test sample fixation device on the test frame, facing the fluorescent lamp When the sample is not When filling, you need to fill the sample holder with a blackboard and keep the inner wall of the test chamber.

2, test temperature. When the light is illuminated, three types of temperature can be employed, preferably 60 ° C; the temperature of the condensation phase is 50 ° C, the degree of tolerance of the temperature is plusmn; 3 ° C.

3, the permeable period of each condensation can be selected from 4 h, 4H condensation or 8 hhotra, 4h condensate two cycles. After 400 to 450 hours of secondary light, each of the exhaust light needs to be replaced, and the other lamps are compensated for the loss of lamp aging in accordance with the lamp cycle and alternative. Such operating mode ensures that the life of each lamp is 1600 to 1800h.

4, when replacing the lamp, we should wipe the water tray and clean it to avoid scale.

UV ultraviolet light aging test chamber

Test sample and performance assessment:

1 You can evaluate the appearance, the inspection project is mainly gloss, color change, powder, spots, bubble, crack and dimensional stability. Try to use the instrument to be quantified, such as gloss, color difference.

2, mechanics and other performance evaluation: general rubber material for tensile strength, elongation, hardness measurement, plastic measurement impact strength, fracture elongation, tensile strength, bending strength, if necessary, other Performance test project.

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