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Definition of flowing mixed gas corrosion test chamber

Regarding the definition of flow mixed gas corrosion test chamber

IEC (Electrical Commission) is a worldwide standardized organization composed of all national power committee national committees, IEC's purpose It is the purpose of promoting the standardization issues in the electrical and electronic field. In addition to other activities, IEC has published standards and standards to draft the technical committee, and any national committees interested in the standard project can participate in this standard. The drafting, organizations with IEC, government and non-governmental organizations can also participate in this work. IEC and Standardization Organization (ISO) are closely collaborate according to the conditions specified in the agreement between the two.

Because the technical committees are participated by all the national committees of interest, because

This, IEC issues the formal resolution or agreement of technical issues, as much as possible to the problem involved Above the consensus.

These formulated documents are used in recommendation and published in the form of standards, technical reports or guidelines, in which the national committees are accepted by States.
In order to promote unity, the IEC National Committee agreed to use IEC standards in its country and regional standards. Any difference between the IEC standard and the corresponding national standard or regional standard should be clearly explained in the latter.
IEC did not provide a logo program that indicated its approved, so it was not responsible for any devices claimed to comply with IEC standards.

It should be noted that some parts of this standard may be project, IEC does not be responsible for either or all of these items.

Standard IEC 68-2-60 is developed by the IEC No. 50 Technical Committee (environmental test).
Standards for determining the indoor environment of operating or store on electronics electronics components, equipment and materials, especially contacts and connectors, can also assemble a sub-system or assembly to become a complete device. Cut the assessment.
The information given by the standards provided by the standard, which can help the material, manufacturing process, and component design on the basis of comparative corrosion resistance.

The standard specified test equipment includes a climate system, a sample chamber, a gas delivery system, and a gas concentration detecting device.
The design and structural details of the device are optional, but the conditions specified in each test method should be met in its entire working space. And

should meet the following requirements:

Water droplets or suspended particles should not be sent to the sample chamber; the air and water used in

should be sufficiently clean, so as not to affect the test effect;
Test gas passed the sample In the room, it should ensure the consistency of the test conditions in the working space;

gas sampling point for gas analysis should beIn the working space of the sample chamber; the gas discharged is handled in accordance with the relevant legal provisions;

The definition of the working space is: corrosion weight of each point of each point in the working space ZuiThere is no more than 15% of the average corrosion weight of all copper sheet.

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