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Basic knowledge of ozone aging test chamber

(03) YES 1840 gradually learned by people later. Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms, which has a higher redox potential by Ding, so there is a very strong oxidation capacity, can reduce the variety of impurities in water and kill a variety of pathogenic bacteria, mold, viruses, and killing 98 ) ) and water Biology such as sword water, oligonal animal, water hematon, etc., thus early 1886 The ozone sterilization test was carried out in France. In the Netherlands 3 Mamp SUP3 H purified water The factory is put into operation. 1906 French Nice The completed ozone treatment water factory has been running to 1970 year. Nice Water Plant is considered to be ldquo Birth of the ozone treatment rdquo . China 1908 An ozone generator in Germany Siemens was installed in Fuzhou Water Plant. In the world, there are thousands of ozone treatment tap water plants, Annual Canada Montreal built a daily water supply 230 10,000 tons of ozone 300kg H of the large water plant, and most of them are in developed countries, only a small amount of developing countries Small scale application. In the past eighties, there has been a small amount of tap water plants to use ozone law, such as Beijing Tiancun Water Plant / H) , Kunming Water Plant / H) , there are some industrial and mining enterprises, such as Daqing Oilfield, Victory Oilfield, Yanshan The water plant in the petrochemical and other units also has ozone equipment. Compared with foreign scale, ChinaIt can only be said that it is still in the germination. The reason why ozone water treatment is long-term development, not just due to its effective detritionation and bactericidal capabilities, and Secondary pollution is not produced in water after it is treated (123) ) , excess ozone will also decompose into oxygen However, there is no chlorine, chloroform, etc. to form carcinogens in water, and thus is a safe disinfectant for ZUI. There is no massively promotion in developing countries, the reason is that the ozone treatment of fixed assets is too high and the operating power consumption is too high. In the middle of the 1980s, many bottles of bottled water plants have high requirements due to water quality requirements. The bottled water economy is also high, and the ozone method is used, and the small ozone generator is widely promoted. Most of the corks for ozone treatment water can be used to reach a bin ( E. coli, the total number of bacteria is zero ) . Several basic factors affecting smelly oxygen water treatment

Since ozone water treatment is a new thing, people are still not too familiar. Some manufacturers and construction units and ozone users mistakenly believe that as long as one pressing the button, the ozone ozone is blown into the water, and the disinfection is completed. This misunderstanding does not have the effect of ozone, and even some people have doubts about the sterilization of ozone itself. A manufacturer uses a very simple ozone generator to treat bottled water, and the ozone concentration produced by it is treated with water. I don 't know anything, and the effect of sterilization is unable to believe. It is difficult to apply. The author also interviewed a mineral water plant, hourly 5 100G03 100G03 / [ The ozone generator of H , and the residence time of the water in contact with the absorbent device is only a few seconds, and the resulting water is unqualified, while a large amount of ozone exhaust gas in the filling is overflowing, and the worker cannot work. There are also some manufacturers of household water treatment, whether it is Wu oxygen concentration or treatment time, such water treatment Can produce qualified drinking water, it is worthy of doubts. Thus, it is extremely important to correctly understand the physical and chemical process of ozone in water and ozone sterilization.Since ozone dissolved in water and the effect of ozone on biological cell exchange is extremely complicated, this paper cannot be explored in detail, and only the ozone sterilization is a general discussion.

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