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Detailed inventory of water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber box structure knowledge

Water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber is suitable for rubber, coating, electrical Electronic products, materials are generated by heat, machinery, chemical, electrical, etc. produced under solar radiation and determine its adaptability, using xenon lamps to do light source, spectral distribution approach the sun, temperature, temperature, humidity, condensation and other environmental factors It is a comprehensive environmental test equipment.

Water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber

of the box structure: [

1) The box is made of CNC equipment, the process is advanced, the line is smooth, and the beautiful is beautiful.

2) The inner box material is 1.2mmsus304 advanced stainless steel plate, the outer box is 1.5 mm high quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray. 3) The upper portion is a radiation light source area, that is, the air-cooled full sun spectrum, the light source region is provided with three xenon light sources, with filter, trigger, and power supply. The full-state-spectrum xenon lamp is the complete full sunlight spectrum of the equipment, including ultraviolet light, visible light, and infrared spectroscopy. The filtered xenon lamp is a light stable light source for testing products.
4) The middle part is a work area, a large sample tray on the test larger three-dimensional components, and a unique flexible test piece tray provides fast, Easy, flexible test piece is placed, the tray is tilted in the horizontal direction of 10 degrees, and can place a flat test piece and a three-degree space sample of different shape sizes.

5) The lower portion is the wind turbine structure area, with a centrifugal fan, a flop, a water pipe, and the like, the unique airway structure is the main cooling method of the xenon light source, its The main function is to remove the heat of the xenon light source and the temperature inside the box to achieve the cooling effect, and the temperature and humidity of the casing can also be balanced, and the xénon light source maintains a certain life, better Control the temperature of the chalkboard.

6) The top is an electrical control area
, which is convenient to repair, the surface is equipped with a thermostat, buttons, indicators, and internal components.

7) Between the workspace box doors, a double-layer imported silica gel seal structure, sealed, anti-aging, and the cabinet is stainless steel plate, the outer surface is Squeezing steel plate of the surface color and material of the box. The door lock uses a new type of pressing lock.

8) There is a universal cashar in the bottom of the equipment, which can be adjusted to provide a height and easy to move.

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