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Small salt spray corrosion test chamber test preparation principle

Small salt spray corrosion test chamber The ability to resist salt-resistant fog corrosion can be assembled by assessing the ability of the salt fog corrosion of the material and its protective layer, as well as the process quality of similar protective layers.

Small Salt Mist Corrosion Test Chamber Test Principle:

1, the bottom of the studio is heated to add distilled water or deionized water to prevent heat Dry cracking to the box.

2, the upper area of the upper portion of the box should be added with an appropriate amount of distilled water or deionized water, not too full, do not be too small, to close the cover, water and salt fog Unobssed is good.

3, the air saturator (stainless steel barrel) is added to the distilled water or deionized water, and open (as shown in Figure 1) before adding water (as shown in Figure 1). The water level height is preferably 4/5 of the water level glass box. When adding to a predetermined water level, the air deflation valve must be closed while closing the saturated heterogeneous valve. Due to long-term test, the saturated water evaporation consumption, when the water level is reduced to 2/5, it should be hydrated in time to prevent the heating tube air burning due to water-deficiency, and the barrion satuid and the internal heating point element.

4, check if the water pipe between the water storage tank and the working indoor spray is connected, and the prepared salt solution (generally prepared by 5% concentration) is added to the water storage tank.

5, check the discharge condition of the rear of the box; whether the trachea is detached, whether the exit is passed to the sewer; whether the pipeline is blocked; so as not to affect the salt fog Emissions.

6, the funnel inside the box, check whether the connecting tube between the funnel and the intensive is uncomfortable, and must not affect the collection of salt fog settlement.

7, check the connection tube of the gas source and the satuid; whether the gas source and the connecting tube of the sprayer are detached, prevent the gas spillifier or the short supply of insufficient gas supply.

8, open the box cover, place the sample correctly on the sample frame in the working room (10% from the surrounding wall), the sample is retained between the sample, so that the sample is exposed The surface area gt; 98%, close the cover.

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