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Sulfur dioxide corrosion test chamber (analysis)

Sulfur dioxide corrosion test chamber (analysis)

The rapid development of modern industrial technology, electroplating products

application areas are increasingly broad, and the environmental conditions they have become more complex. Only the environmental conditions of the product are reasonably specified, and the environmental protection measures to properly choose the product can ensure that the product is avoided in storage and transportation, which is safe and reliable during use. Thus, the material or product is carried out

artificial simulation environment test is an important part of ensuring its high quality *. Artificial simulation environmental test is a scientific summary of the actual environmental impact, with typical, standardized, convenient use, easy comparison. The variety of environmental conditions and the importance of environmental tests also put forward more stringent requirements for environmental test equipment. Sulfur Dioxide Test Equipment Using sulfur dioxide gas, at a certain temperature and relative The material or product accelerates corrosion, reproduces the material or product in a certain period of time in a humidity environment. The equipment can be used to assess the ability of the material and its protective layer to the ability of the protective layer sulfur dioxide corrosion

, as well as the process quality comparison of similar protective layers, can also be used to assess the ability of certain products to resist the sulfide corrosion.

The device can remain in the test working space ° C remains constant. A certain amount of sulfur dioxide gas is introduced inside the predetermined volume of casing, and the concentration, temperature, and relative humidity are corroded with the material or product.
This series sulfur dioxide corrosion test chamber is suitable for protective layers, components, electronic devices for metal materials And industrial products, etc., accelerated corrosion test, and quickly and conveniently reproduce the corrosion process of spraying and unprocessed metal surfaces. Can be pressed by GB9789-88 , metal and other organic covering layers, usually under generic conditions, DIN 50018 Saturated Environment ,

High concentrations of sulfur dioxide test, and equivalent ISO6988-1985 A variety of sulfide gas corrosion tests. [1 S02-150 [



Continuous size D TIMES W TIMES HMM

500 Times 500

850 Times 750 Times 940

1000 Times 900 Times 1000 Dimensions


700 Times 900 Times 1100

800 Times 950 TIMES 1350 1050 Times 1100 Times 1400

1200 Times 1300 Times 1400

RT +

10 ° C

~ 50 ° C

Relative humidity

GE 95% RH Temperature uniformity


Temperature fluctuation [ Le 0.5 ° C

Cylinder method (a bottle of sulfur dioxide gas, one steel bottle)

0.05 ~ Time setting range [

0 9999 h , M , S


AC220V / 50Hz [

Import PVC resistant corrosion Hard plastic plate

Box cover

] PVC Strength Corrosion hard plastic plate

Sealed [ The cover and the cabinet interface use water seal ,

to prevent gas leakage

inner bile water tank typeHeating mode ,

The temperature is fast, the temperature distribution is uniform

protection system

Protection switch, over temperature, low water level, overload, leakage has automatic shutdown protection


An active carbon and positive base filtration is then discharged from the exhaust fan

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