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Salt fog corrosion test chamber product knowledge

Salt fog corrosion test chamber product knowledge


This series of salt spray corrosion test chamber is suitable for electronic devices, product zero Industrial products such as components, metal materials, etc., are allowed to accelerate salt spray, and quickly and conveniently reproduce the corrosion process of spraying and unprocessed metal surfaces.

GB 2423

. 17-93 Electrical Electronics Basic environmental test procedure alpha: salt fog test method and equivalent IEC , MIL ASTM ASTM , and the like were collected by various saline corrosion tests. Two , structural and character


Overall structure [

The inner and outer gallbladder of the salt mist test is welded by high temperature, light weight, corrosion resistance, no penetration. The surface is smooth and smooth, easy to clean

2, water sealing form Make the salt fog from overflow, the bottom sink steam is heated, so that the studio is rapidly increased, the temperature distribution is uniform [ 3,

The top cover of the salt hangbox is welded by high-temperature molding and designing into a * top corner, and the condensed water in the box is not directly dropped on the test product

[ 4, Spray system adopts a towerSpray, the spray tower is placed in the center of the studio. The material of the nozzle is frustrated, and the sprayed haze is small without crystallization, and the salt shot is uniform.

[ The control system of the test chamber is placed on the right side of the cabinet, the user is easy to operate, and the total power switch is set on the panel, spray switch, 2 Self-intensive meter, and equipment operation time timer, set a super temperature protector on the right side of the box

The super large salt tank is placed on the right side of the box, the drawer operation, the water is very Easy

7, studio and the cover are supported by support rods, open It is more convenient. B, inside the laboratory internal structure 1, Spray device: tower sprayer, inner glass nozzle, spray is guided by tower tube and is dispersed, and after uniform dispersion Diffuse through the interior of the entire laborator.

2, Spray amount size adjustment: adjust the cone on the tower The amount of spray amount of disperser is increased, and the amount of spray is reduced. 3,

Collector: the fog from the nozzle, Free falling method settled, built-in one or several surface area 80 2 of the funnel cup collecting salt fog, flowing from the catheter to the outer portion of the tube Inside the meter. 4,

置 架: Made from plastic steel, single load is not If the dispersion can withstand 10 kg Kg , there is a two-row of circular holes on both sides of the shelf, which is placed. Leave a rod with a vertical display 15 degrees, 30 degree angle is used.

5, Heating the water tank: the water tank attached to the bottom of the laborator, for Water heating keeps the laboratory temperature is stable.

] C, test room external structure 1, ]

Tube: Collect the spray amount of each trial, 50

ml each time, is a high scale of Zui. 2, isolation water tank: use water sealing case to avoid salt fog Leakage. 3,

saturated air bucket: placed in the bottom of the control box, using SUS # 304 stainless steel plate, functions to filter, warm, humidify, so that the purified air reaches the saturated temperature and the humidity to the nozzle spray, the saturate has an automatic hydrating function.

4, Test case cover: roofed bevel 106 degree perspective cover It can clearly observe the indoor trial status, beautiful and generous. 5, pressure regulator: manually adjust the intake pressure and spray pressure . Intance pressure control at 0.3 spray pressure control in 0.07


0.17MPa [ . (The above pressure has been adjusted before the factory, in general, the user does not need to adjust)


Pressure Table: The pressure displayed by the pressure gauge is the pressure of the air saturated air tank conveys the nozzle spray.


row: PVC hard plastic tube of the diameter 50, the pressure caused by the spray during operation, and the excess water in the casing also overflows.

8, water storage tank: automatic or manual supplemental water.

D, control system [ 1, Test Room Temperature Controller: Controlling the temperature of the laboratory, and sets the temperature according to standards.

2, saturated air bucket temperature controller: control saturation air bucket temperature , Set the temperature according to standards. 3, Timer: adjustable 0.1-999

[ HR,

The time required for the test can be set, and the set time is automatically stopped, and the Japanese imports of the Okisaya time relay. 4, heating the water tank super temperature protector: protect the water temperature of the heating water tank The controller is controlled by the temperature of the laboratory, (if the temperature change in the test machine is too large, the adjustment is adjusted) set the temperature of 55 ° C. Located in the control box.

5, Power switch: light-saving, control the total power supply . 6, Opentable switch: light tipping, control laboratory heating tank And saturated air barrel heating system.

7, Frayless switch: illuminated, exclude after the test Salt fog in the box. 8, Continuous switch: illuminating, controlled test indoor spray system . [1 9, Gap switches: a periodic test procedure for the controlling the spray system in the test.

10, hydrating switch: illuminate, control saturated air barrelsThe hydrating system. 11,

low water level alarm light: heating the water tank and saturated barrel water levelIn the lower limit, the light is on and cut off the entire operating system.

12, Super temperature alarm light: the temperature of the heating the water is exceededValue, the light is on and cut off the entire heating system.


Test end alert lamp: indicates that the test has ended.

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