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Salt fog corrosion test chamber fault treatment method

Salt fog corrosion test chamber is a commonly used experimental box type with easy operation, corrosion resistance, no leakage, smooth and easy cleaning, light weight. The salt spray corrosion test chamber will also have a certain fault in the use process, and the user needs to master the fault treatment method. Today, Xiaobian will specifically introduce the salt spray corrosion test chamber fault treatment method.

When using a salt fog corrosion test chamber, it is generally a month or even a few months long and keeps working, and then the environmental harsh is likely to cause a large and small failure of the salt fog test. In order to use the user to quickly process the salt spray test chamber fault, continue to make salt fog aging tests, but also a detailed introduction of some common faults and treatment methods.

First, the cause and treatment of salt spray test chamber spray fault:

● The amount of spray is insufficient:

1, the spray regulator is placed too low, and the spray regulator is raised.

2, the glass filter in the preheating groove is blocked, cleaned the glass filter

3, check if the nozzle is partially blocked, if there is a blocking, please discharge the debris

4, the pressure is set too low, regulating pressure regulating valve

● Unable to spray:

1, the air compressor is not running, open the air compressor button, check the air compressor Whether the tracheal link is correct

2, check whether the pressure of the pressure reducing valve is turned on, please adjust to normal pressure value

3, detect whether the nozzle is blocked, the nozzle is a consumable product, generally use 1500 The hour or more is normal damage, and should be replaced with nozzle

4. If the spray switch is damaged, if damage, please replace the switch

5, the detection spray solenoid valve is bad, if there is no intake If the ventilation is removed, the solenoid valve is removed, and the solenoid valve is cleaned. If the coil is burned, it is necessary to replace the supporting solenoid valve coil, otherwise it will replace the entire solenoid valve

6. Check if there is a test brine, no brine, add appropriate amount of test brine

Second, salt mist test chamber heating the cause and treatment:

● Salt haze test box cannot be heated:

1, the heating solid state relay does not output, replace solid state relay

2 There is no output, replacement meter

3, the heating tube is damaged, see the heating tube resistance, if not normal, please replace

4, the water is shortaged, check whether the water level is normal, float There is a unmistone action

5, over temperature protection malfunction, adjust the protection temperature value, if you still can't resolve please replace over temperature protection

● Salt fog test box heating temperature is not normal:

1. Temperature controller temperature, setting too low, set the temperature controller to the desired temperature

2, testThe chamber security switch is set to

low, and the safety switch is set to the desired temperature

3, the saturated tub temperature controller temperature is too low, and the temperature controller is set to the desired temperature

4Salt fog test chamber has no power, no power, please professional electrician investigation

2, whether the power switch is damaged, such as damage, please replace the power switch

3, the power supply circuit breaker is damaged,If it is damaged, please replace the circuit breaker

4, the instrument power terminal has no power supply, there is a power instruction instrument damage, replace the instrument

5, check whether the salt spray box instrument power terminal does not haveBlack traces, if there is a black, the instrument is likely to be burned, and the instrument is required.

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