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النشرة الإخبارية Xenon Lamp Weathering Tester


Xenon Lamp Weathering Tester is a comprehensive weathering tester, in addition to weathering test, it can also test the lightfastness of materials, exposing the polymer material. under simulated sunlight. It simulates light, temperature, precipitation, condensation, humidity to test materials and can be used to select new materials, improve existing materials, or evaluate changes in the composition of matter.

This tool is suitable for textiles, paints, dyes, coatings, rubber, plastics, road Light and color fastness to light, color fastness to weather, light sweating of materials such as automobiles

Composite color fastness test and light aging test and spray and other weather-resistant features.

Xenon Lamp Weathering TesterReference standard:

GB/T16422.2-1999 Artificial accelerated aging test chamber

GB/T1865-2009 Paints and coatings exposed to artificial weathering and exposure to artificial radiation

GB/T2423.24-1995 solar radiation test

ASTMG155 Xenon Aging Test

ISO10SB02/B04 Environmental Monitoring Instrument

SAEJ2527 Other Weatherability Test

Basic SAEJ2412 Weatherability

Permanence test method

Specification parameters:

xenon lamp aging tester Model


Studio size D×W×H

800×800×800 (air or water-cooled equipment selectable) air-cooled size can be adjusted

Performance indicators

Temperature range

RT+10℃ ~70℃

humidity range

40~98% RH

rainy season

1~9999 minutes, adjustable

Rainy period

1-240 minutes, interval (off) adjustable

spectral wavelength


Xenon lamp power

1kw, 1.8kw, 3.3kw, 6kw (lifetime: 1600 hours)

Temperature and humidity operation control system

Time control

Integrated controller for programmable time computer (Admiralty Moller)/integrated

Precision range

Setting Accuracy: Temperature ±0.1℃, Humidity ±0.1℃R H Display Accuracy: Temperature ±0.1℃、Humidity ±0.1℃R H

Temperature and humidity sensor

Gold resistance Pt100Ω/mv

Heating system

Fully independent system, NiCr alloy electric heater

Moistening system

external insulation All stainless steel flat surface evaporative humidifier

Black panel temperature/irradiance

Bimetal Black Panel Thermometer /Full Spectrum Radiometer

Water Supply

Humidification water supply adopts automatic control, xenon lamp cooling circuit water

Temperature slider

Temperature and humidity of the microcomputer integrated controller

Recirculation system

Temperature resistance Low-noise air conditioning motor, multi-blade centrifugal wind turbine

Materials used

Carton Material

Plastic Spray Cold Rolled Sheet/Brushed SUS304 Stainless Steel

Inner box material

SUS304 stainless steel plate

Sample holder material

SUS304 stainless steel rod

Thermal insulation of the door frame

High and low temperature aging resistant silicone rubber door seal

Default configuration

1 set of anti-radiation glass windows, 1 dynamic sample rack, 2 xenon lamp tubes

Security Protection

Leakage, short circuit, overtemperature, water shortage, motor overheating, overcurrent protection/controller power failure memory

Mains Voltage

AC380V±10% 50±0.5HZ three-phase five-wire system

Ambient temperature

±5℃~+30℃ ≤85% RH

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